At the cross road of your life

24 Oct
old english buildings
Lolo, my best friends moves over here, in the south of France, after having spent more than thirty years in Paris. Caro, another dear friend, left her studio and builds a big space for her school dance with a nice apartment just over it. Kathie works hard to get a better life. Nath hopes an...

Grandpa, Grandma: come back!

16 Oct
Some nights I dream I ring at my grand-parents’ door. When they open, I feel so excited, so happy, that I can’t prevent me from falling in their arms. This time is so quiet, so peaceful and soft that some tears drops roll on my face: I feel so happy to meet them again! I...

Look as I love you!

9 Oct
nice puppy
Sometimes you can read somewhere “love doesn’t need any word”, and people are at ease with that phrase, because it means anyone can live as they want. We all need proofs of love, so “I LOVE YOU” remains the best way to talk about our feelings. But many times, I can hear someone say “I...

When love strikes you

2 Oct
So what? Do you really think you’re going to spend the rest of your life without love and being loved in return? Since when you’re heart is ready for it again? You don’t remember? Let me refresh your mind, honey! Well, well, well… it happened the day you started to change something in your life:...

Be the boss! Yes, you!

25 Sep
weird dog
Ok, it’s not easy to work, especially when you’re an employee. You must obey, keep your self-control in any circumstances, be on time, patient, smiling, hair dressed, polite, well dressed, self-confident, a hard worker… what else? So a warrior! Because from the time you put a toe finger out of bed up to your sleeping,...

You’re serious, there, Jane?

18 Sep
In this post, I’d like to talk about niggards. Nobody likes them, but you have probably noticed there’s one around you: a friend, a colleague, a relative, a neighbor… Anyone can be the prey of a niggard, but here are some tips to allow you to change your way of doing with them. Life is...

Memories help to get older

12 Sep
As far as a person can go back, there’s always some good memories in their mind, done more beautiful when they get old. Why? Maybe as time goes by, all around bad feelings have been a little erased, a bit falsified to make the memory be what it should have been, I mean a good...