ICE: 5 tips to end with the blues

15 Jan
It sometimes happens at a turn of life you feel sad, overwhelmed, lonely, lost and left from everybody around you. You don’t know what to do, think or be anymore. No solution comes up, nothing turns fine, you feel trapped in a dark and no ended tunnel. No smile in your heart anymore, nor light...

Daydream: you’re worth it!

8 Jan
moulin pic
How many times a day, do you daydream? Yes, I’m talking about these waking dreams, you know very well: when you’re at a traffic jam, waiting for the bus, walking, ironing or mending some stuff at home… these times when your mind escapes from your control, when your body is relaxed. Your thoughts come and...

On the New Year’s Day: embrace the world!

26 Dec
The New Year coming, you’re able to change your mindset, because the balance sheet is there: what have you learnt in 2016? Everywhere, violence is hidden sneakily, ready to plunge innocent people into fears and dramas. But you have to resist, to stand up, to move on whatever happens. It’s not easy to do, because...

You’re not lost, you’re here!

18 Dec
How many times a year, are you overwhelmed? You wonder how to manage current issues coming over, day after day, like waves that end to drown you. When you wake up from this nightmare, it’s too late: you’re broken, your mind is out of order, your body hurts, your life seems to be ravaged. You...

Reconnect with the spirit of Christmas

13 Dec
Just a couple of weeks before ‘Xmas, so I guess you’re on the rush to buy the presents you want to put down under the tree! You’re probably looking for the best gifts: useful, beautiful and cheap. So you don’t dare to think about your bank account, once you’ll have spent all this money: January...

On the air!

5 Dec
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Almost all the websites, blogs, forums about spirituality warn people against media that intoxicate them more and more with bad news and tragedies. So here, I don’t want to prevent people from opening their radio to know what happens far or close in their country; I would like to show there is a kind of...

When the heart drowns

28 Nov
What happens after a heartbreak? You feel sad, emotionally down, your vibration is under the earth, you spend your time in bed, you listen all these songs you both did like, you drink it all away, you swear you’ll never be in love again… I could write so many things about it, that you’d find...